In the ideal scenario, Concrete driveways are very durable and may last for several years. There are some belongings you concrete Contractor Dallas should consider during the installation of driveways, which includes:

Different Types of economic Driveways

Generally, there are seven different types of driveways supported land use and parking zone size, including major commercial, minor commercial, major industrial-institutional, minor industrial-institutional, major residential, minor residential, and others. Major driveways are defined as having quite 50 parking spaces, while minor driveways are defined as those having fewer than 50 parking spaces.

Regulatory Standards

The regulations and standards for commercial driveways are stricter than domestic driveways as they’re roughly and frequently employed by large vehicles. Each institute or industry has its own regulations for commercial driveways because the intensity of use varies. as an example driveways at airports will have different standards to stick to than driveways of an oil factory.

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Recommendations to possess an extended-lasting commercial driveway

Here are recommendations to stay in mind when installing commercial concrete driveways

The base of the driveway

The base for a billboard concrete driveway should be a minimum of 6 inches thick, made from aggregate base material, and fully compacted. Excavation for the driveway, therefore, must be the depth of the concrete plus 6 inches more, to accommodate for the bottom. Commercial concrete driveways should be a minimum of 6 inches deep. Some local codes would require 8 inches. ask your local zoning and codes. If using fiber-reinforced concrete, an equivalent depth of your pour is required.

Reinforcement for the driveway

A reinforcement layer of wire mesh or rebar above the rock bottom layer (1 inch from the bottom of the slab) is important to stay cracks from starting and expanding. Using steel reinforcement will provide additional structural capacity for your driveway and is particularly important if the slab is going to be exposed to heavy traffic. Reinforcement won’t prevent cracks, but it’ll help hold them together if they are doing occur. Expansion joints are necessary when concrete slabs touch fixed objects like foundations, street curbs, etc.

Ideal Weather

Keep your eye on the weather! Ideal conditions are 55 degrees, overcast, and high humidity. Don’t pour concrete in extreme hot or weather.


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