When you desire the design and texture of stone patio flooring, but cringe at the value estimates for the work, stamped concrete might just be your best choice. With a patio like this, you’ll get the design, feel, and quality of a stone patio, without all the main costs and tedious construction that generally goes alongside it. If you’re scratching your head, wondering how all this is often possible, continue reading and determine why stamped concrete may be a great choice for patio installation.

Concrete Stamping

Stamped cement-based motor, as compared to natural limestone or slate, is virtually 50% cheaper to get and install. it’s also easier and cheaper to preserve because it requires little to no maintenance. additionally, to stone and rock, stamped concrete also can render the design and feel of brick, cracked earth, cobblestone, and even old wood! The customization of the stamped cement-based motor is endless. Everything from dinosaur footprints and sports team logos, to fun eccentric patterns and more, are all possible.

Here are the essential steps to a concrete stamping patio installation project: First, the overall contractor will measure and evaluate the whole area, then mark off the ultimate measurements for the patio. The concrete is then mixed and made, and prepped for pouring. Once the slab is poured into place, it’s then smoothed out with the utilization of specialized pavement installation tools. because the concrete dries, the concrete installation team presses the chosen pattern into the wet, soft concrete. After the pattern is applied, colors are often added for an enhanced or realistic effect; while in other cases, the color is premixed into the cement-based motor before it’s laid, to start with.

All of those steps are often completed during a day for many residential projects unless the patio is far larger than usual; during which case, it could take a couple of days or up to every week. For commercial projects, stamped concrete installation generally takes a touch longer. Consult a knowledgeable general contractor that has knowledge and knowledge of concrete stamping and patio installation like Denton Concrete Crew, they’re going to guide you in the right direction.


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